11 Branches, One Big Community

Date: October 5, 2016, 11:00 am

Tags: Credit Unions

The following is a guest post by CCCU Service Associate Shawn Larson.

As I begin writing this, it is early morning, a little chilly, and the sun is barely starting to peak out over the horizon. The roads are not yet filled with the bustle of daily commerce or kids riding their bikes to school.

One thing that has always excited me about the beginning of a new day is thinking about the people I may meet throughout the day - whether new faces or old acquaintances - and the effects we will have on one another (hopefully nothing but positive).

The great thing about working for a company that sees the kind of traffic that we do is that we are always able to engage with the people of our community. Sure, we are here to take care of your financial needs, whether it be depositing your paycheck, converting the change you've saved up for years or recently discovered under the couch cushions (like someone I know...or me) into bills, or looking into a loan or CD, but we are also here for so much more than that.

You may be familiar with our acronym of CCCU, but sometimes I like to refer to that as Cash, Coffee and Conversation with Us. The relationships we cultivate with our members, with our community, are just as important as the transactions we run.

Speaking of "community," that word would traditionally be defined as a group of people who live in the same area, usually in a town or a city (trust me, I looked it up). While normally I agree with that, especially if we are talking about national companies, this time I want to loosen the definition just a little bit. In our case, I think it pertains to our entire field of membership, whether you are in Grand Forks or up in Rolla, we are one big community, and every day gives us a new chance to interact with each other.

I'm back home now (I can't just be typing away at work all day), with a little left over energy from the day to burn off with some running or going to the gym. As I drove home, the sun was just beginning its journey back to the west (don't worry, I am very aware that we are actually moving, not the sun), the streets were full of others returning home or maybe going out for dinner after a long day at work. I have a slight smile on my face and I feel good because of what I was able to accomplish throughout the day, especially when it helped someone from our community. So go ahead, get home and grab some dinner, and take some time to relax; we've got your back over here.